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Your new translation agency in Oviedo:

C/ Caveda, 21
33002 Oviedo

Phone: 683 462 137

At CBLingua we are certified in accordance with the ISO 17100 STANDARD


Are you in Asturias and need a sworn translator of English, German, Russian, French, Chinese…?

We are sworn translators and we are in Oviedo! We translate more than 25 languages, relying on a team of sworn translators approved and accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and distributed by all our offices.

You’ll find us right in the heart of the city, on Calle Caveda number 21, on the first floor, office 15, ready to listen to you and advise you.

Your project is always in the hands of the best professionals! We are specialised in sworn translation and technical translation, including both business and individual clients that are in the middle of academical bureaucratic processes, civil or corporate processes, financial processes…. among others.

We rely on an express sworn translation service for short documents in English, German, French and Italian…. at the best price and reaching all the pockets.

How do we request a sworn translator if you are in Asturias?

It’s very easy, there are two ways to request a translation service for both businesses and individuals: you can send us the documents to info@cblingua.com – or if you are in Oviedo you can reach out to our Oviedo office on Calle Caveda number 21, first floor, where our professionals will look after you and advise you.

What is a sworn translator and what do they do?

A sworn translator is a notary public who works on granting legal validity to a public document written in a foreign language by stamping and signing it. This document has legal validity before the authorities and public bodies.  

Leading Sworn Translation Services


- Scriptures
-Annual accounts
- Contracts
-Business certificates

Mixed Marriages

- Birth Certificates
-Single Status Certificates
- Marriage Certificates
-Criminal Record Certificates

International Studies

- Degrees
(Undergraduate, Masters, Baccalaureate)
- Academic Records
- Acceptance of Studies


- Vaccination Certificate: COVID
- Medical Report
- Clinical Analysis
- Medical Certificate

Our Translation Services

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation is a translation that has been signed and stamped by a sworn translator, with official capacity before public bodies. Sworn translations can only be carried out by sworn translators that are accredited by the Foreign Office, these sworn translators are in charge of verifying the truth of foreign documents by stamping and signing them.

Technical Translation

Technical translations are characterised by presenting texts with specialised language, referring to very specific topics and resource-poor styles. Technical translation requires a high level of expertise, that’s why it is essential that the translator has very specific training and demonstrates great documentation skills.

Scientific Translation

This type of translation is one of the most complex to translate. These are very precise translations that refer to quite complex topics, that require lots of documentation on the translator’s part, as well as the translator having specialised training in the field that is referenced in the text to be translated.

Legal Translation

Our training as specialised sworn translators allows us to work in this discipline with total assurance. Legal translation entails the translation of all types of documents of a legal nature, though they don’t necessarily have to be sworn translations.

Website Translation

Nowadays translating a website is considered a window to the outside world that allows us to promote and bring our services to markets abroad with an endless number of possibilities. A website translation can give great benefits to a business. It’s essential to choose the best professionals in order to optimise the website content and reach the desired position.

Medical Translation

Medical translations present very specialised terminology and a very technical lexicon. In order to carry out these types of translation, it’s key that the translator has training in the field of medicine. At our translation services in Asturias, we rely on a team of professional translators specialised in medicine that translate with the highest quality and follow the project requirements.

Academic Translation

Thanks to the agreements that exist nowadays between universities and schools abroad, students can access study programmes anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, each country, still has its own regulations and grading system. This type of translation is usually sworn because academic translations must be presented to public bodies.

Translation of Documents

Professional translation is necessary for those businesses that want to internationalise their business. The professional translation of documents involves contact with businesses and suppliers abroad, hence why the presence of a professional is key so that they can act as a linguistic mediator between the business and the client, facilitating the exchange of information in a professional and truthful manner.

Tourism Translation

Tourism translation is, maybe, one of the most widely known types of translations and, without doubt, generates growing economical activity. The tourism sector which includes catering, travel and hospitality industries, has always been an area closely linked with translation.


Do we only offer sworn translation services in Asturias?

At our sworn translator in Asturias, we offer a translation service in Gijon, Aviles and Oviedo, in the whole of Asturias and covering the entire national and international territory with delivery times for urgent projects needing a sworn translation in 24 hours, regardless of where our client is located.  

We have offices covering the whole Spanish territory and we divert the projects according to where our clients are located: Cadiz, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, and now Oviedo as well.


Why choose our Sworn Translator in Asturias?


Without a doubt one of the identity seals of this business. Sworn Translator Asturias is an affiliate that belongs to the Business Group of CBLingua Translation. One of the first translation companies to operate on a national level with an impeccable professional background of more than 17 years.


Our prices are the most competitive on the market. We count on our own team of sworn in-house translators that allow us to carry out translations without intermediaries and to offer the most competitive rates on the market.


We adapt to the deadlines of our clients.

In the event of not being able to meet the deadline desired by the client, we won’t accept the job.

How to know if it’s a good translation agency in Asturias: Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés?

We want to repeat ourselves and say that we are one of the best translation companies. It’s best to demonstrate this with facts. Nowadays social media is one of the most trusted and close measures where we rely on the users, it allows us to immediately know the professionalism of a business. To have a reputation on social media is a fieldwork of many years and without a doubt the best treasure that any business have. In almost 20 years of the profession, we can say that we have achieved it, we have thousands of ratings and reviews on Google for our services.

A base de 166 reseñas
David Balboa Prieto
David Balboa Prieto
Buen trabajo, contestación muy rápida en el mismo día y muy buenos profesionales. Muchas gracias.
Alejandra Barahona
Alejandra Barahona
10 de 10 Super amables y muy profesionales
Marjorie Carrero
Marjorie Carrero
La atención fue excelente, así como la puntualidad, claridad y profesionalidad. Estoy muy agradecida tambien por la amabilidad con la que me atendieron en todo momento.
Johvanna Franzini
Johvanna Franzini
Excelente trabajo. Son muy rápidos en contestar y gestionar las traducciones. Los recomiendo!
oscar cs
oscar cs
Buen trabajo, rápidos y efectivos
Pablo Alonso
Pablo Alonso
Profesionalidad, agilidad y una comunicación excelente en todo momento.
Alejandro Peláez Fdez
Alejandro Peláez Fdez
Muy buenos
cristina suarez
cristina suarez
Excelente profesionalidad y una atención al cliente inmejorable. Sin duda los recomiendo.

Know more about us

Who are we?

If you still don’t know us …. get to know us, we’re in Oviedo!

Sworn Translator Asturias is an affiliate of the Business Group of CBLingua Translation, born due to the high demand of sworn translation services in Asturias, in cities as important as: Oviedo, Gijon, Aviles.

The CBLingua Group is made up by a team of more than 150 sworn and technical translators, in all languages and documents with an impeccable professional track record of 20 years and absolute dedication to the profession.

CBLingua is one of the first sworn and technical translation companies to operate on a national level that has achieved its position as leader and national benchmark in the sworn, technical and specialised translation sector by its own merits.

Our Values


Perhaps this is the key principle that sets our standards and marks the philosophy of this business.


After more than 17 years, day after day, we show our commitment and empathy with each one of our clients and their situation.

Improvements and Solutions

This is another feature that characterises us well. Our constant search to find advances in the field of translation that can benefit our clients and mark the future of translation.

We belong to CBLingua

Sworn Translator Asturias belongs to CBLingua one of the most prestigious Translation Agency Groups on a national level.

Thanks to an impeccable translation team CBLingua has positioned itself throughout the years as a Sworn Translation and Interpretation Agency and technical leader on a national level. With a professional track record of more than seventeen years, CBLingua is positioned as indisputable business leader in the general and specialised field of translation. At present it boasts a broad portfolio of clients formed by more than 200 businesses with a positive growth perspective, as reflected in our upward business journey in the specialised translation sector.


The advantages of recruiting a translation company in Asturias like us!

Integral sworn and technical translation services: the client looks for comfort when commissioning their translation services. TRUST – is about an experienced business with good professionals and PROVES that they are sworn and accredited translators by the Foreign Office.

From the very first moment the client receives personalised attention, detailed information and close monitoring of the process.

The response capacity of a translation company like Sworn Translator Asturias: Our business relies on human infrastructure and a technical capacity of guaranteeing optimum quality and the most competitive prices in translation projects of great importance (technical handbooks, annual accounts, scriptures)

The quality control at Sworn Translator Asturias is always very rigorous, all of our translations go through a quality control that guarantees the quality of the projects.

We adapt to the requirements of our clients.

Without a doubt, we have the best prices on the market, thanks to our work not involving intermediaries, we offer production directly to the client.

The last but definitely not the least important point – Is to check the credibility beforehand of the information that we have provided in all of these points mentioned. It’s very easy, all of this can be verified through the thousands of comments in the form of reviews and ratings left by our clients on Google. The clients are anonymous and they don’t lie. 


Have you already decided?

If you have arrived at this point I’m sure that you have already decided to contract our services, hesitate no more and ask us for a quote.


Our latest publications


Servicios integrales de traducción jurada y técnica: el cliente busca una comodidad al encargar sus servicios de traducción. CONFIANZA – de que se trata de una empresa experimentada con buenos profesionales y ACREDITADA que sean traductores jurados y acreditados por el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores.


Atención personalizada: El cliente recibe desde el primer momento una atención personalizada, información detallada y un seguimiento exhaustivo de los procesos.


Capacidad de respuesta de una empresa de traducción como Traductor Jurado Asturias: Nuestra empresa cuenta con una infraestructura humana y técnica capaz de garantizar una calidad optima y precios más competitivos en proyectos de traducción de gran envergadura (manuales técnicos, cuentas anuales, escrituras…)


Los controles de calidad en Traductor Jurado Asturias, son siempre muy rigurosos, todas nuestras traducciones pasan un control de calidad que garantiza la calidad de los proyectos.


Los plazos de entrega: Nos adaptamos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.


Los precios: Sin duda contamos con los mejores precios del mercado gracias a que trabajamos sin intermediarios, nosotros ofrecemos producción directamente al cliente.


El último punto y no por eso el menos importante – Es comprobar la veracidad de la información que hemos facilitado en todos estos puntos mencionados con anterioridad. Es muy fácil, todo esto se puede corroborar a través de los miles de comentarios que nos dejan nuestros clientes en forma de reseñas y valoraciones en Google. Son clientes anónimos y ellos no mienten.

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